Olympic Bobsledder Steve Langton’s Jump-and-squat Workout

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So people probably wouldnt expect someone of your stature to be stuffed inside a sled. Tell us a little about why your build lends itself to Olympic medaling. That is one of the things that people are most surprised by. Im 6 feet 3 inches and 225 right now.
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Music: Your best workout buddy

Other sites include http://www.workoutmusic.com and http://www.powermusic.com . Music is positive energy, says Deekron the Fitness DJ Krikorian , who produces fitness playlists for MotionTraxx. So when I put together playlists, I look for intensity, positive feeling and cohesiveness. If he finds a song that feels right in terms of mood and intensity but has the wrong tempo, he might manipulate the BPM to fit the type of exercise intended. The beat becomes very important anytime there is repetitive movement, Krikorian says.
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